Henry and Roger Thornton Family from Germford and Middlesex, England, in 1473, to Virginia, Georgia, and Alabama

I have had great scholars assist me in doing the research for this most interesting Thornton family. I first inherited a book from my paternal great aunt, with documented research back to the immigrant Henry Thornton in 1635 in Virginia, as explained below. I then did my own research and proved it all for myself.

Then Bob Thornton came into my life. He is the most meticulous researcher I have ever come in contact with. In his quest to find the ancestry of William Thornton, he decided to research Henry Thornton after learning the DNA of the two men was a perfect match. So I have him to thank for all the information and documentation from England. If you want to also obtain this manna from heaven, he will send it to you for a penance: bob2626@charter.net

Below is the introduction I had to the Thornton family. Prior to this, I had no knowledge of any relationship between our family and any Thornton family. This intriguing introduction has proven to be the beginning of an interesting journey of Thornton research. I grew up only a short distance from these cousins, yet did not know them, or anything about their research. And what a legacy they left me!

Ancestors and Descendants of Rev. William S. Rogers and Mary Edna Gary Rogers, 1642-1950, Alpha and Edna Rogers, 1952; 1959. FOREWORD

This pamphlet or booklet was gotten up by me, Edna Rogers, from the historical data gathered by my sister, Alpha Rogers, who passed away before finishing her task. Only fifteen copies were mimeographed for family distribution in 1952; other people have desired copies so the stencils have been run again. This 1959 run lacks the pictures which were a part of the first addition, but has added pages of additional information.

She had intended writing this history in book form with full details on each family.

She worked for years assembling data, and made trips [from Elberton, Georgia] to Virginia, North and South Carolina getting the early court records, Church and parish records and visiting the old families getting facts, traditions and Bible records...............

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