Our immigrant, William Gary I, was born in England in 1605, and died in the Parish of Westover, in Prince George Parish, Virginia. Various spellings are Greer, Garys--Garry, Garye, Garey, Geary.

The Gary family came from England to Virginia in the latter part of the 17th century. Branches are found in Princess Ann, Prince George, King & Queen and Buckingham Counties in Virginia. One branch moved to South Carolina, and another went to Georgia. John Gary, great-grandson of William Gary the immigrant, twice in 1635, and again in 1637, was awarded land patents for transporting people to Virginia.

James Gary, born in Prince George, Virginia, in 1770, was the Gary who moved his family to Hancock County, Georgia. He took as his wife, Rebecca Lee, of the well-known Lee family of Virginia.

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