Fountain /Fountaine /de la Fontaine Family of Maine, Normandy, Anjou, Poitou and Picardy, France;  Virginia, North Carolina, and Darlington, South Carolina

This family has fascinating stories.  Jean de la Fontaine, of noble origin, was born in the Province of Maine, near the border of Normandy, about the year 1500.  He received at an early age a commission in the household of Francis I, in what was then called "Les Ordonnances du Roi," a command which he retained with honor through the succeeding reigns of Henry II, Francis II, and until the second year of that of Charles IX, when he voluntarily resigned. He had desired to retire to private life at an earlier period, but had remained in the royal service as a safeguard against religious persecution, having with his father embraced Protestantism about the year 1535. He had married and had had born to him four or more sons. Under the Edict of Pacification of January 17th, 1561, he was deluded into retiring to his paternal estates in Maine. He, his wife and his valet were martyred there, in 1563.  The sons escaped to Rochelle, France.

Our ancestor Jean de la Fontaine arrived in America in 1635, according to the Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1660, A Comprehensive Listing Compiled from English Public Records of Those Who Took Ship to the Americas for Political, Religious, and Economic Reasons; of Those Who Were Deported for Vagrancy, Roguery, or Non-Conformity; and of Those Who Were Sold to Labour in the New Colonies,.by Peter Wilson Coldham.  "1635....2 JANUARY.  Passengers who have taken the oath of allegiance embarked on the 'Merchant Bonaventure, Mr. James Ricroft, bound from London to Virginia:  ...John Fountaine 18...."

Apparently he did not stay in America.  We find son Edmund Fountaine in court at Westover in an Abstract:  Captain Robert Wynne put up security for Edmond Fountaine to pay John Mackenny to value of 6 Ibs Sterling.  Attachmt to Wynne agst Fountaine's estate.

Then we have John Fountaine in court in Virginia in 1692 being made a Naturalized citizen:  .....And whereas y. petition. is an alien born & hath constantly resided within this government for ye space of twenty yeares at least & is now ready to performe what ye law enjoines him to doe he therefore humbly prayes y… he may be naturalized accordingly and he shal. pray, &c.

We know that he is the son of Edmond, because in 1714, the land of John Fountain, deceased, was escheated and granted to Mrs. Frances Wynne.  This is the third time that a Fountain male and a Wynne have passed title of land back and forth, beginning with Edmond, and ending with the death of John Fountain in 1914, our naturalized citizen. 

I need sources to prove the relationship with the Jean Fountaine who came to America in 1635 on the Bonaventure, and I need to find the links back to the unknown son of Jean de la Fontaine, the martyr, who fathered our branch of this illustrious family. 

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