The Byrd family has deadlocked for the dozens of descendants researching it.  Revolutionary War veteran William Byrd and wife Frances appeared in Darlington County, SC in 1882, and not a trace of his ancestors can be found in either South Carolina or North Carolina.  They apparently resided in Virginia, but I have been unable to link him to any of the families there as of this date.  I have checked birth dates with the famous Byrd family of Westover and several other familes of Byrd in Virginia and North Carolina to no avail.  I have researched every single family in South Carolina.  No written record of William Byrd has been found prior to his
militia service in South Carolina in 1882.  The venerable Horace Rudisill went through all my research about a month prior to his death, and found no
connection to any South Carolinian or North Carolinian.  Any contributions will be much appreciated.  Please contact me with any information that you may have on the Byrd line.

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