Joshua Butts Born in Warrenton Hall in County Kent, England, in late 1500's

The Butts family has been identified at Warrenton Hall in County Kent, England, as early as the late 1500's, beginning with Joshua Butts. I know nothing about him yet, except that he had at least two sons who came to America, Robert and Kesiah, who were found first in Lower Norfolk, Virginia, in 1640. Robert married Jane, and died in 1676.

Azariah Butts, born in 1771, married Elizabeth Dales, and they had a daughter named Nancy, who married James Thornton in 1816, and this was a link between two of our ancestral lines. We also have the Thornton line researched, and proven back to the birth of John Thornton about 1473 in Gernford, England.

The Butts family also moved south at this time, from Norfolk, Virginia, first to Warren County, Georgia, then to Hancock County, Georgia.

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